Friday, July 13, 2012

AX2012- Error executing code: object does not have method construct


When working with AX 2012 outbound document service, I faced this issue.
When I clicked the send electronically button on my custom created form, then the I could see the message is queued in queue manager form. On running of the batch I could see status as error with description "Error executing code: <empty class> object does not have method construct".


You need to be few things to fix this error. the issue is due to compilation error where the particular method is not found while run time. So perform the following steps.

First, compile all the objects pertaining to a AIF document service.
Secondly, compile the base class - AxInternalBase
At last, select your project node and "Generate incremental CIL".

this will fix this error.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creating single field as Primary key in AX 2012

Hi Everyone, Hope you all doing well. I have come with the steps of creating the  single field as primary in AX 2012.

1) Create the Table and add required fields to the table as you all knows.
2) Create an Index by dragging the required field to the Index.
3) Set the following Index properties:
        a) AllowDuplicates to "NO".
        b) Alternate key to "YES".
4) Set the  PrimaryIndex  property of the table to newly created index after creating the Index. 

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